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Hear How My Mastermind Client Karly Raven Created Scale & Freedom
At the time of this video, Karly signed 5 clients in a week into her high end hybrid Nourished Gut Program! Watch to learn about her experience in the mastermind.


Learn How My Mastermind Client Sarah McLachlan Transformed her Business
In the middle of a pandemic lockdown, Sarah transformed her practice and signed 30 clients into her program within 5 months of joining the mastermind!



You can create the business & practice of your dreams! I hope you feel inspired from the videos above… what will YOU create? Looking forward to chatting soon! Hayley xx


  • “Hayley’s mastermind has literally opened my eyes up to the prospect of running my dream practice and giving me my time back! Presented in an easy self paced and super supportive setting, this course has been a game changer, and I can’t wait to implement the skills I have learnt and launch my signature system. I highly recommend any practitioner who wants to run programs to take the leap and sign up- you wont regret it.”

    Amanda Martindale, InnerFit Nutrition
  • Hayley has a fantastic knack of helping you get clear on what you want and then showing you how to do it. I have created my Signature System, now work with my clients in groups and have more clients coming in yet I feel organised and in control. I am so happy that I took this step and highly recommend Hayley’s mastermind to anyone who wants to work smarter, not harder in their business!”

    Zita Dixon, Zest Nutrition
  • “Hayley has literally turned me around in just 5 months from quitting my naturopathy practice to signing 30 NEW CLIENTS into my new 3 and 6 month programs. And the discovery calls keep rolling in! And it’s been work, yes, but so much fun, and I’m FINALLY practicing in a way that feels authentic and like it’s ok to be me. My kids are enjoying having me back again!”

    Sarah McLachlan, Akeso Health
  • “I am loving being part of Hayley’s mastermind. Not only does she really understand the health and wellbeing industry, her marketing and coaching expertise shines through and it has helped me so much already. Her content is well thought out, easy to follow and implement and I started seeing results after only 1 month in the mastermind!! And now my Nourished Gut Program is launched and filling with clients. She is super generous, friendly and a great mentor!”

    Karly Raven, Kismet Health
  • How Zita Dixon Transformed her Nutrition Practice from 1:1 to 1:many
  • how to create your own online nutrition and health coaching program
  • how to create your own online nutrition and health coaching program