• Why Package & Prosper is Getting an Upgrade!

    Psst…. hey, praccies! The Package & Prosper Mastermind is getting better! Jump in before the price increase and supercharge your business growth!

    If you’re like the practitioners who I’ve coached through this program, you are wanting more time, more revenue, and less work and stress. You probably already know that simply working harder or more hours isn’t the path to practice growth. We’re now entering the third year of this global pandemic AND it’s also my Package & Prosper Mastermind’s third year (far out, where does the time go?!) 

    This means two things:

    1. Now, more than ever, is the time for Health & Wellness Practitioners to launch an online program (I mean, how much longer will you wait for “things to go back to normal”?)
    2. We are making some awesome upgrades to the mastermind, based on what we have seen work best for practitioners over the past 2 years. And with the upgrades comes a fee increase.

    I want to be completely upfront and give you a heads up that the investment is going up. Because I know that many of you have been sitting on the fence, wanting to launch your own Signature Program and Online Business but putting it off for ‘next year’…

    Well, next year is here and I wanted to give you one last chance to sign up at the old price!

    So in this blog post, I’m going to explain why the investment is increasing in 2022 and how you can still get a spot in the mastermind at the current price (but not for long!) 

    After you’ve read about all the amazing upgrades you will know that this is the way forward for your business.

    What are the Upgrades, pray tell?!

    Now, before I explain the new investment, here’s a really exciting announcement about all the juicy upgrades coming soon….

    We now have two Lead Coaches to support you inside the mastermind!

    There’s me (obvs!) and the wonderful Kylie Russell who is a Facebook & Instagram Ads Expert for Health Practitioners AND a Funnels and Tech Whiz! Plus, she’s a savvy coach and clever online business woman!

    We Set Up Your Online Course Portal & Marketing Funnel!

    We get it, it’s the tech that gets practitioners stuck. So we will help you overcome this hurdle by having our team help you directly to set up your online business hub! You will have your course platform set up ready to add your videos and handouts, a sales page set up and ready to fill the blanks and add your images, a pdf lead magnet & landing page linked up with your email software to deliver your freebie and a series of emails to nurture your new leads and more! So no more getting stuck trying to figure the tech out on your own!

    The value of that alone is $5000 plus!!

    An entire Ads Course & Live Coaching Calls are now included!

    So that you can finally create leads on tap for your program with our easy to follow, health practitioner specific, step by step ads training (with templates and swipe files and regular coaching and eyes on your ads!)

    Expanded Content inside the Online Course Portal

    We are busy bees recording more and more trainings in all things online marketing, filming videos, mindset and more – all being added into the online curriculum to help support you in creating your dream business

    Monthly Mindset Coaching Calls to bust through things holding you back!

    Mindset really IS everything, and all the strategy in the world won’t help if you just can’t get out of your own head! So in addition to the regular coaching calls & office hours we already have, we are adding in a dedicated coaching call to help teach you tools to overcome the business and money mindset blocks that hold practitioners back – so you can clear the path to success and launch your program faster!

    Package & Prosper will transform from a 6 month program to a 12 month program! Meaning you have access to weekly coaching and support for an entire year!

    Why? Well, to enable us to fit in all the above PLUS after 2 years of running the mastermind as a 6 month program, we have realised that most practitioners want MORE time to fully implement everything. More than half of our participants opt to sign on for an additional 6 months so that they can refine their systems, automate their marketing further, scale their programs with Ads and even launch more passive income offers. 

    We find that most practitioners have launched and are signing clients into their ‘beta-version’ programs within the fist 3-4 months, but to truly solidify their systems and success it’s so important to have more time.

    And really, we are all about helping you create your DREAM online business that will be successful long term… so who doesn’t need at least 12 months to set up the foundations for that?!

    Have you already begun to notice how powerful this business growth offer is? There is NOTHING else like it available!

    How much will the Package & Prosper Mastermind be?

    The current investment for our 6 month Package & Prosper Mastermind Program is $5497 upfront, or 6 monthly payments of $997 if you go onto a payment plan. That’s in Australian Dollars.

    From February 1st, the program will transform to a 12 month mastermind, with a full pay investment of $8497 or a payment plan of $897 per month for 12 months (again, still in AUD). And there is an EPIC bonus for those who pay in full, details to be revealed soon!

    So at the end of the mastermind, you will own:

    • A complete Signature Program that you are confident running and absolutely love!
    • A Marketing Plan in place to attract your ideal clients to your program
    • A Sales Process you love and feel confident in to help you enroll ideal clients into your program
    • Your complete Online Course Portal, Lead Magnet, Landing Page, Sales Page, Checkout, Webinar, etc all set up & attracting and onboarding clients (and collecting cash!) and delivering your program is a breeze!
    • And we will even give you a website template to showcase your other services and digital products too (hello, with 12 months we have time to help you create some passive income assets too!)

    Have you been sitting on the fence? Here’s how to access current pricing…

    So this means that if you have been on the fence about joining the Package & Prosper Mastermind, now is the time to get in touch.

    We won’t be increasing our prices or moving to a 12 month long program until 1st Feb. This means when you sign up now you’ll do so at our current prices and have a spot in the 6 month program (and you will still have access to all the extra calls and videos that we add in…. just with only 6 months of coaching support rather than 12). 

    Of course, you likely see the value in the new program and you are most welcome to sign on now for the upgraded version!

    Is 2022 the year you step out of the old 1:1 model, and into an online business that truly lights you up, AND gets incredible results for your clients? It’s not really a matter of the investment right now, it’s a matter of just how much time freedom, increased revenue and raving clients you’ll attract when you invest in yourself and in having coaches who can guide you to success.

    Now more than ever is the time for Health & Wellness Practitioners to launch an online program – and you might find yourself realising that the Package & Prosper Mastermind the Package & Prosper Mastermind program is the perfect way to help you do that!

    So if you want a spot at the current investment, sign up HERE before then!

    Or, if you want to chat first, please book a call before the end of January so you don’t miss the deadline. 

    Hayley (and Kylie!) xx

  • Getting over a Fear of Speaking in Public

    Tell me, do you get nervous speaking in public? If so, you certainly wouldn’t be alone. They say that public speaking is right up there with fear of heights and fear of spiders (ugh! spiders!)

    As a health & wellness professional, you need to be perceived as an expert – and nothing says expert more than standing in front of an audience delivering a content and value rich workshop or talk.

    In fact, even if you intend to run your business entirely online, delivering free talks and workshops is still one of THE best ways to get in front of your ideal client and begin to build your community – you just deliver the talk online!

    But what if the thought of speaking absolutely terrifies you?!

    Let me tell you a story about my husband, Chris. He’s a Chiropractor and since forever he has been freaked out by speaking in public. For years he refused to give talks, even though he could see how much it helped me grow my practice.

    Last month Chris’ gym asked him if he’d speak at their open day. For some reason, he agreed.. and then came home to me in a panic to help him prepare!

    I coached him through some of my top strategies for overcoming nerves so he felt more confident speaking in public.

    After practicing his talk several times, off he went to present to a room of 30 people. And you know what happened?

    9 of them are now his patients!! THAT is the power of a well executed workshop!


    Getting over a Fear of Speaking in Public

    While I actually LOVE speaking in public (yes, I know I’m not normal!) I still get nervous. And I also understand that most people get REALLY nervous and perhaps to the point where they avoid public speaking altogether.

    Remember – if you let your fear win, you’ll never reap the rewards that a great workshop or talk can bring to your health business.


    So here are my Top 5 Tips:

    1. Be Prepared

    Even though I love speaking to groups of people, I wouldn’t do it if I wasn’t prepared.

    I always practice delivering my talk at least once – and sometimes up to 3 times if it’s a new topic. Practicing will make you feel more familiar with the material and you will develop a good flow.

    Watch TedTalks that you love and notice what exactly makes you love them. Notice how the speaker pauses at certain moments, their hand gestures and other body language. Become a student and study the speakers you admire.

    2. Use Slides as a Prompter

    Using slides like those made in Powerpoint can also be a huge help. All of the workshops I run have Powerpoint slides – because they help me feel organised and I don’t have to worry about what to say next.

    Audiences tend to like some sort of visual as well and giving them somewhere else to look takes the pressure off of everyone looking at you. You could use flash cards or notes – whatever makes you feel most comfortable.

    3. Anticipate Questions

    Sometimes there’s an underlying fear of “not knowing enough” that can surface when you’re preparing a workshop or free talk. The worry that a curly question could be asked leaving you stumped sure can make you nervous.

    To help with this, try to anticipate the questions your audience may ask. Think of the common questions you get in your practice – what are clients always asking? You could also brainstorm with a friend to see what they want to know about your topic. Then, prepare an outline for how you might answer each question.

    And remember, if you DO get a tricky question on the day, you can always reply with,

    “Great question! On the spot, I am not sure how to best answer that. Can you leave me your email address so that I can get back to you?”

    4. It’s not about YOU

    Whenever I get nervous about delivering a workshop, or even about writing a blog post like this one, I try to remind myself that this is not about me.

    What I mean is, the reason I am doing this is to hopefully help someone else. What would happen if you didn’t deliver a workshop because of fear – and that meant someone didn’t hear your message and wasn’t helped?


    If you change your focus to who you can help, it takes the pressure off. As they say, come from the heart and you can’t fail.

    5. Change your Mindset

    Fear and Excitement are the same emotion – it’s the same hormonal cascade – the difference is just our interpretation. So before you start your workshop (or IGTV video or Facebook Live), tell yourself “I am feeling so excited!” instead of focusing on how scared you are.

    And remember, there are SO many great reasons to get up there and deliver a good workshop, including:

    • Helping your audience overcome a challenge
    • Positioning you as the expert on this topic
    • Naturally helping you to sell your health programs or services

    With so much online at the moment, this all applies to Webinars, Social Media Lives and even Instagram Reels too.

    Hayley x