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Ready to Work Smarter & Take Your Practice Online?

Learn How to Package Up Your Expertise into a Signature Hybrid Program and Break Free from 1:1 Clinic Burn-Out!

Health & Wellness Practitioners just like you are creating leverage in their business, increasing their income and improving client outcomes…

two testimonials from health and wellness practitioners who have done Hayley Stathis' Package and Prosper Mastermind
Health and Wellness Practitioners Give Praise for Hayley Stathis' Package & Prosper Mastermind
Client Testimonials for the Package & Prosper Mastermind with Hayley Stathis

Imagine How it Would Feel...

To finally have a way of working that allowed you to help more clients, earn more income yet avoid burning out or being a slave to your practice?

To sign one $2000 client onto your Signature Program instead of hustling to find 20 clients for a one-off $90 consult!

To know that your program is designed to deliver better client outcomes, so that your word of mouth referrals increase and people come to you begging to join your program?

To have a business model that allows you to work from anywhere, and have the flexibility to enjoy more time freedom (while still earning money)!


Practitioners are Burning Out Faster than Ever!

I know what it’s like to end a busy week in clinic feeling like you need to check yourself into a month-long health retreat. 

(and then realising that even if you could afford the $$ to do that, you couldn’t take time off from your business!)

The 1:1 consult by consult model doesn’t serve us as practitioners, and it’s also not serving our clients…

We know as Health & Wellness Practitioners that healing takes time, and we need 3-6 months minimum to help our clients.

So why are we only offering them “the next session”??

You right now:

You with a Signature Program:

A Signature Program was my secret to quadrupling my income and halving my hours, and I want to show you how you can do that too!

Hayley Stathis, Business & Marketing Coach for Health & Wellness Practitioners, sitting at her desk coaching clients online with her iphone and headphones

Meet Your Mentor

Hello, I'm Hayley

I’m Hayley, expert ‘Signature Program Creator’ and Online Business & Marketing Coach for Nutrition & Wellness Entrepreneurs.

After a 10 year career in Marketing & PR – I dragged my fried adrenals back to study Nutrition & Naturopathic Medicine. 

In my practice I was forever perfecting my systems in clinic and online, launching packages, group programs and online courses…

Since 2017 I’ve merged these two worlds together & launched my Coaching Business where I now help other practitioners create their dream online practice.


The Package & Prosper Mastermind

The Package & Prosper Mastermind gives you the step-by-step method to create a brand and online business that you LOVE.

Weekly 1:1 coaching, mentorship & accountability will keep you on track so that you are building your business as you go. The program is expertly designed to challenge you to execute at the highest level so you can turn your ideas into a fully operational online business within 6-12 months.

MY TEAM & I ARE in your corner for 12 months

12 Months of High Level Coaching!

weekly ZOOM coaching calls

Receive 1:1 Laser Coaching with your two coaches every week on our zoom calls (2 sessions per week!) for the Mindset & Strategy guidance you need for success. Plus, learn & collaborate with your Mastermind Peers. 


Step by step modules with everything you need to create, launch & fill your Signature Program. Video lessons, worksheets, templates & swipe files. This keeps you on track building as you go.

More 1:1 access in SLACK

Daily support & feedback & inside Slack, to keep you feeling organised, on-track & implementing like a rockstar! Upload your work for edits and direction (we literally help you write your marketing materials!)

FB & IG Ads Coaching

Learn how to create powerful funnels and social media ads to grow your list of ideal clients and sell more programs! 1:1 Support via our Bi-Monthly Ads Coaching Calls with our Ads & Funnels Expert to help you create high converting ads to drive program enrolments.

An Online Community of passionate peers

Daily support, accountability & inspiration from current Masterminders who are all like-minded practitioners. Post ideas for group feedback, celebrate wins & ask questions between calls via our Slack channels.


Save hours with our done for you ‘fill the blanks’ templates & scripts. Plus easily create high performing landinage pages, sales pages & your course platform using our templates! Never feel overwhelmed or terrified of tech again!

The Curriculum

What You'll Learn

The Package & Prosper Online Curriculum is designed to walk you through, step-by-step, everything you need to build a successful Signature Program that gives your clients the transformational experience they crave.

Here’s a very brief outline of what’s covered…

Module 1

Uplevel Your Mindset

This first module will help you to uplevel your mindset around money, programs and premium pricing.

Module 2

Branding Alignment

This module helps you to create a personal brand and business that is in total alignment to who you are as a person and practitioner.

Module 3

Niche Clarity

This module will take you through my powerful process for finally getting clear on the most lucrative niche for your program! (even if you think you already have a niche, we will further refine it!)

Module 4

Your Signature Program

This module teaches you step by step how to package up your expertise into a powerful Signature Program that delivers great client outcomes & sells like (organic) hotcakes!

Module 5

Attract an Abundance of Clients

Develop your customised Marketing Strategy and Content Plan to ensure a consistent flow of leads into your program (and learn how to master a high-integrity sales process). 

Module 6

& Instagram Ads

Learn how to use Facebook & Instagram Ads to grow your list of ideal clients and promote program enrolments, with our experienced Ads Expert in the Health & Wellness space.

And the real MAGIC happens...

Don’t go thinking this is just an online course…
This is high level 1:1 coaching AND the power of a group mastermind all rolled into one powerful program!
You receive 1:1 Laser Coaching every single week on our mastermind zoom calls… so you keep moving forward, never get stuck and have my support every step of the way!
PLUS you have your own project inside ‘Basecamp’ for you to post materials for me to provide edits and direction on… I am literally helping you write & create EVERYTHING!!
Hayley Stathis sitting at a desk with computer


Enroll now and you'll also get these COOL bonusES

Computer screens showing some of the bonus items with package and prosper mastermind


bonus #1 'Complete Program Sales Page written for you!'

When you pay in full, we will write your Program Sales Page for you, including uploading the copy and images into our page builder software and linking it up with your website – this bonus alone is worth $2500!


bonus # 2 'Done for you content'

Everyone receives access to a stack of done for you content: Workshop Kits, Social Media Marketing Kit, Social Media Lives System and the done for you, brand as your own 2 week Group Cleanse Program!



Easily integrate more ‘coaching’ into your client sessions with my 30 page guide, coaching session framework, extensive list of powerful coaching questions and group coaching secrets!

Ready to Make this Happen?

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picture of a mastermind client
“Hayley has literally turned me around in just 5 months from quitting my naturopathy practice to signing 30 NEW CLIENTS into my new 3 and 6 month $2500 signature program. And the discovery calls keep rolling in! I’m FINALLY practicing in a way that feels authentic and like it’s ok to be me!”


Sarah McLachlan, naturopath

naturopath carla wrenn
“Hayley Stathis is the Queen of Programs!”

Carla wrenn, integrative naturopathic practitioner

Zita Dixon Nutritionist
“Hayley has a fantastic knack of helping you get clear on what you want and then showing you how to do it. I have created my Signature System and now work with my clients in groups! I am so happy that I took this step and highly recommend Hayley’s mastermind to anyone who wants to work smarter, not harder in their business”

zita dixon, nutritionist

Karly Raven Naturopath

“I loved being part of Hayley’s mastermind. She really understands the health and wellbeing industry & her marketing and coaching expertise has helped me so much. The program is well thought out, easy to follow and implement and I started seeing results after only 1 month in the mastermind!! Now my ‘Nourished Gut Program’ is launched and filling with clients!”

Karly Raven, naturopath

Is Package & Prosper Right for me?

This is perfect for you if:

This is not for you if:

Frequently Asked Questions

The Package & Prosper Mastermind is on ‘evergreen’ enrolment, which means you can start right now! You will receive immediate access to the online curriculum, links to complete your onboarding assessment & join the facebook group and information on how to access our weekly coaching calls as soon as you enrol! Your coaching support finishes 12 months from when you join

Yes! At the end of the 12 months, you will still have access to the Online Curriculum and any future updates. It’s just the weekly calls and the access to Slack that will stop (unless you need to hang around for a while longer, in which case you can sign up for our monthly membership to continue to receive coaching!

On these calls, you get 1:1 laser coaching to help you work through any challenges that week or to receive edits and direction on your work. This keeps you moving forward, and gives you the support and accountability you need to create and launch your program. The calls are held on zoom every week at the following times: Tuesdays 10am to 12pm and Thursday 9am to 11am AEST/AEDT (with either Hayley or Kylie). You coach is on the call for this whole time, however you don’t need to stay that long. You can jump on, have your turn being coached and then leave. That said, most of my clients block out this time as ‘work on my biz time’ so that they can get all the benefits of listening in and learning from their peers while they wait for their turn. 

Well, if you ask our past clients they will probably tell you that the biggest difference is the very high level of coaching support and individual attention you receive inside this program. You have TWO expert coaches who have built their own successful online programs & understand the health & wellness space inside out working with you on your business for a whole year! It’s really a combination of 1:1 Coaching & attention and the benefits of a Mastermind / Group program plus a comprehensive online course. Not many other coaches will help edit & proof your webinar slides for you  😉

No problem! This is what we cover in the early part of the mastermind! You don’t need to know what your niche is when you enrol in the program, as we will take you through an amazing process to figure it out. And if you think you already have your niche nailed or you’ve “done this all before” in another program – we bet you haven’t got true clarity and there is still work to be done, otherwise why would you be on this page? 😉

Great! If you’ve done any sort of business program before, it’s likely you HAVE done some work around things like your ‘ideal client’, ‘niche’ and maybe even some marketing topics. My question to you is, if you feel like you’ve “already learnt all this” then why are you still looking for answers? This mastermind includes such a high level of 1:1 coaching and accountability that as long as you show up and do the work, you will have launched an online business and you won’t need to look around for the next program to solve the same problems!

As long as you have a passion and high level of committment to creating your dream business and a Signature Program, you can still join the mastermind. I am a Naturoapth, Nutritionist and Health Coach and therefore I can help guide you with what I know works well. Kylie is also a Nutritionist & Health Coach with an Online Practice (and she runs an Ads Agency!) so we know what works. Plus, you have the support of other more experienced practitioners in the mastermind with you and they tend to be very supportive and generous with their knowledge and experience.

Ready to Make this Happen?

Choose your investment option

One payment of AUD


12 monthly payments of AUD