Custom Meal Plan Service

Eating Healthy Made Easy (and delicious!)


Are you STUCK when it comes to preparing Healthy Meals?

Would you like help releasing weight, having more energy, managing a diagnosis with food, or just upgrading your nutrition?

If you want healthy meal & snack ideas, need some guidance on what to eat, or just want the stress taken out of working out what to cook….

Then my Custom Meal Plan Service is for YOU!

Sometimes, having to think about what to cook is exhausting. Figuring out how to cook healthy, nourishing meals for your whole family can be tricky – and let’s face it, even I default back to the same handful of recipes!

My Custom Meal Plan Service is here to make Eating Healthy Easy & Fun!

  • Have a week’s worth of meals & snacks planned out by a Nutritionist based on what YOU like to eat and YOUR health goals
  • Include your family’s preferences so that every meal is enjoyed by everyone!
  • Discover delicious healthy new recipes
  • Upgrade your Health & Nutrient intake
  • Have a shopping list so you can easily get started!

Custom Meal Plan = You staying motivated, organised and feeling awesome!


Custom Meal Plan Service

Beautifully presented Meal Plans so you can  see what’s on the menu at a glance

For some plans, if requested, I can help you save time by batch cooking (shown as the faded options on this example plan)

Each Meal Plan includes full Recipes and Prep Guide so you can save even more time in the kitchen




Whatever your Health Challenges or Health Goals, I can tailor a plan for YOU!

Food is Medicine. The right diet can make a significant improvement to your symptoms, whatever they may be. Meal Plans can be created for the following conditions and more:

  • Weight Loss
  • Autoimmune conditions
  • Hormonal Health – PCOS, Endometriosis, Painful or Heavy Periods
  • Fertility
  • Anxiety & Depression
  • Pain & Inflammation
  • Thyroid Health
  • IBS, Inflammatory Bowel Diseases and Digestive Health
  • and more!

faviconWhatever your Dietary Requirements are, I can tailor a plan for YOU!

My Recipe files are chock FULL of recipes to suit every dietary requirement there is. I have nutritious and delicious recipes for:

  • Meal Plan RecipesPlant based, Vegetarian & Vegan Diets
  • Paleo
  • Ketogenic & Low Carb
  • Sugar-Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free
  • Pre & Post Natal
  • Autoimmune (AIP)
  • Low FODMAP
  • Mediterranean Diet
  • Elimination Diet
  • Anti-Candida
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Heart Health Diet
  • Detox Plan
  • Kid-Friendly
  • Thyroid Healing
  • Gut Healing
  • anything!!

Here’s How it Works in 5 Simple Steps!

Custom Meal Plans by Nutritionist

1. Purchase your 7 Day Custom Meal Plan via the ‘Buy Now’ button below

2. Download & Complete the Intake Form and return via email

3. I then get to work creating a Meal Plan especially for YOU

4. You receive your Meal Plan, Recipes & Shopping List via email within 2 business days of submitting your form

5. BONUS GIFT:  lucky you will also receive a Recipe Book full of more than 30 additional delicious recipes to try, based on what I feel you’ll like most!

Here’s What you Receive!

Meal Plans

RECIPES: delicious, healthy meal ideas tested in-house by a team of nutritionists & dieticians

PLANNER: a done-for-you meal plan that takes the hassle out of figuring out what to eat

SHOPPING LIST: based on your meal plan, you will receive a list to make grocery shopping a breeze!

BONUS 1: EXTRA RECIPE BOOK: to encourage you to keep trying new meals, you will receive a free healthy recipe book (aligned with your eating style) to download & keep

BONUS 2: My ‘Eat Mindfully’ eBook full of practical steps to help you absorb more nutrients, enjoy more energy and stop overeating!


About Me

Hayley (1)My name is Hayley and I am a certified Nutritionist, Naturopath & Women’s Health Coach.

I’m also a busy working mum, so I understand how hectic life can be (and how many of us struggle to prepare quick, healthy meals that everyone wants to eat!)

My Custom Meal Planning Service will provide you with easy to prepare, delicious and nourishing meal ideas – customised based on what YOU tell me you like and YOUR health goals!


Your Investment?

For a Custom Meal Plan, a whole week’s worth of Delicious, Healthy Recipes and a Shopping List all designed for you (by me!) it’s one payment of $147 inc GST.

You also get the 2 BONUSES – an extra recipe book full of MORE healthy meal ideas and my Eat Mindfully eBook valued at $27 each!


Once you have paid, you need to complete this Intake Form and email back to me, and then within 2 business days you’ll have your Custom Meal Plan!

*Please note there are two versions of the Intake Form – one is a fillable pdf so you can complete it online, the other is a document you can print and scan back to me.

Download Intake Form Here