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for Health & Wellness Practitioners Ready to Work Smarter!

Discover The New Way to Offer Your Services Online that Allows you More Impact,

More Time Freedom & Offers Better Client Outcomes!



Session 1: A New Way of Working for Health & Wellness Practitioners & Coaches

In this workshop I will show you how the 1:1 session-by-session model is a path to burn out, and how a Signature Program can transform your practice AND improve client outcomes. I’ll reveal the 8 Key Mindsets you need to adopt for success with a High End Program. Plus, you will discover how just 4-5 new clients a month is all your need for 6 Figures (and beyond!)


Session 2: Smart Practitioners Niche                                            In today’s session I show you why having a clear niche for your program is the most important step to figure out. I bust some myths and fears around niching and teach you what is possible once you have a niche. We explore the 10 (okay so there are 14!) most lucrative niches for health & wellness practitioners right now. We also go through a process to uncover and define your ideal niche.

Session 3: Your Signature Program

In this workshop I step you through why having a Signature Program is the missing link and the solid foundation of a successful health & wellness practice. We create your ‘Program Promise’ and then I show you how to Map out the steps of your program so you can see it start to take shape. Finally, I teach you my 4 Core Framework for ensuring your program offers true Transformation.

Session 4: Tech!

This session is all about how to use technology (hardware, software, app and tech tools) to work smarter and automate as much of your business as you can! I show you how to do a tech audit of what you already have, then the basics of what you’ll need for your program and what you might need to fill the gaps!

Session 5: Aligned Sales Mastery

In this workshop I show you what you MUST have in your Sales & Marketing Process to help convert leads into clients and fill your program. We cover off how to do sales without the sleaze and explore the mindset needed before you speak to potential clients.

Ready to Create YOUR Signature Program?
Check out all the goss on the Package & Prosper Mastermind Now

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Ready to Create YOUR Signature Program?
Check out all the goss on the Package & Prosper Mastermind Now


I’m Hayley, Online Business & Marketing Coach for Health & Wellness Entrepreneurs.

After a career in Marketing & PR – I dragged my burnt out adrenals back to university to study Nutrition & Naturopathic Medicine. I then opened my own clinic and launched various online courses, private and group coaching programs.

AND NOW… since 2017 I have been helping other practitioners with their marketing & online program creation. Now a full time practitioner coach, I love using my powers to help Nutritionists, Naturopaths & other Health & Wellness Experts create their dream business.

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