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  • Biggest Mistakes Nutrition Practitioners Make When Creating Programs

    If you do anything for your business today, let it be reading this blog all the way to the end 😉 I am about to share with you the BIGGEST MISTAKE I see Nutrition Practitioners & Health Coaches make when they create programs… and I’ll also share my 4 Core Framework to creating a program that SELLS! And that delivers the transformation your clients so desperately want.

    The biggest mistake I see Nutrition Practitioners & Coaches often make when creating a program is this:

    Thinking that all they need to do is put together some meal plans, recipes, videos lessons, a pretty workbook and a Facebook group and (maybe) throw in some coaching sessions or consults. And although these are important elements of your package, they are NOT what will get your client to buy, nor what will get them results.

    Ultimately, your client wants to buy a solution to their problem and so it is the promise of the RESULT that will get them signing up to your program.

    What you need to create and then communicate is a Signature System (or what I often refer to as a Marketable Method because once you have created your Signature System – and believe me it will take work – you have a VERY powerful marketing tool).

    In my Package & Prosper Mastermind, I teach my clients an incredible process for creating a signature system. We work out, step by step, exactly what their client needs to go through in order to move from point A (where she is now) to point B (where she wants to be). It’s about much more than the meal plans or the videos – that’s simply the delivery method – it’s not the system.

    Every step in your system needs to have a purpose. It needs to be there for a very specific reason of teaching the client something key to their success.

    A Signature System is the series of steps or the method that you repeatedly take clients through to get them from Problem to Result.

    And THAT is what sells!

    So when you are talking about your Signature System or your Program, potential clients don’t really want to hear about how many video lessons they get to watch or how many pages the workbook is. They don’t really even care how many sessions they get with you – they might ask those questions but only once they are clear on ONE thing:

    Can you help them get the RESULT they so desperately want?

    My 4 Core Framework for creating a Signature System & Program that sells is this:

    Education – What are you trying to teach your client? What knowledge must she have in order to solve her problem? That can include things like:

    • What are the underlying drivers of the problem (not just the symptoms she is experiencing)
    • Myths and misconceptions, things that work and things that don’t
    • Important steps or lessons that she needs to know
    • WHY she needs to do the things you are asking of her, why it’s important (as while clients don’t need the whole textbook they do need to know the concept in order to understand and change)

    Action – What are the practical action steps that she needs to take? There will be several of these at each step of your Signature System and keeping your client in action is how she will move towards the result she wants. If you include any consults or coaching sessions in your program, make sure you end with clear action steps for your clients.

    Accountability – I believe that this makes up about 50% of what our clients pay us for, if not more! What specific strategies will you use to keep your client on track and in action throughout her time working with you?

    Community – The reason I love group programs so much (and why even in my 1:1 programs I always had a private Facebook Group for all clients to join) is because it creates community. Sharing your journey with like-minded people is powerful. It helps clients feel supported, keeps them accountable and it gives them social proof as in “oh, if she can do it, so can I!”

    So can you see how creating a Signature System, or a program that truly transforms your client and has them referring everyone they know to you, is about more than the number of consults, the meal plans and the video lessons?

    You need to really ensure that you have carefully thought about my 4 Core Framework to ensure that your Signature System sells. If you want help with any of this, then my Package & Prosper Mastermind could be perfect for you.

    We go deep into the Mindset, Method & Marketing of creating and selling powerful transformational programs – and an online business you LOVE!

    Apply here for a Mastermind Discovery Session

    Hayley xx

  • Why Using Done for You Content in Your Nutrition Business is Smart!

    What is ‘Done For You’ or DFY content? It’s sometimes called PLR or Private Label Rights and YES, this type of content IS available for Nutrition Practitioners and Health Coaches. In fact, if you check out my Shop, you’ll see some good examples 😉

    DFY is content that is created for you, often sold as a template that you are free to edit and brand and then use with your clients. You know, like those ready made programs or templates for creating lead magnets and social media posts… you can even buy DFY sales page or website templates.

    Hayley Stathis Business Coach for Nutrition Professionals sitting on a cane chair with a laptopSometimes, it can feel a little bit like cheating to purchase done-for-you content.

    I mean, shouldn’t we all create our own 100% original materials?

    I don’t think so. Not for everything, anyway.

    What are you, a health professional or a content marketer?

    Isn’t it a smarter business decision to outsource certain areas so that you can be more efficient and focus your precious time on doing what you do best – taking care of your clients?

    And the reality is that most of us practitioners, coaches and wellness peeps are so time poor, even if we wanted to create everything from scratch we never would find the spare hours to do it! And so nothing is created and people miss out on experiencing your magic 🙁

    At the end of the day, your main job is to help your clients to feel better. So if investing in a headstart with some DFY content, materials or templates helps you get in front of more people, then I for one think that’s a great thing!

    But what if my competitors also buy the same materials?

    I am sometimes asked if it matters whether another practitioner in your area or niche uses the same DFY content or nutrition program. And I always answer that I don’t think it matters one little organic popsicle.

    Here’s why…
    • Every single natural health and wellness practitioner, health coach, wellpreneur and nutrition blogger is pretty much saying the same things anyway – eat wholefoods, exercise, practice mindfullness, sleep well etc
    • And there are MORE than enough people to go around who need our help, right?
    • If we worried that we were going to be saying the same things as someone else, then we would never speak at all!
    • We will all add our own unique flavour to any done-for-you content, and as we are all different we are likely to attract very different clientele to our practices anyway

    So as long as the done for you content for nutritionists, health coaches and natural medicine entrepreneurs that you buy is EDITABLE and able to be branded as your own, then go for it!

    I am always telling my Mastermind clients that it’s waaay easier to edit something that start from scratch. It’s a springboard. And it’s totally okay (in fact, it’s SMART!)

    If you need help with creating a Done For You Nutrition & Health Coaching Program, a Webinar or Workshop to attract new clients or some Social Media Templates designed for Nutrition & Health Practitioners… then make sure you check out my shop “Wellness Content Co

    Hayley xx

  • One Signature System, Used Multiple Ways

    Just in case you haven’t been following me for long, you may not yet know what a signature system is. If not, check out THIS blog post first… and then come back and read this one 😉

    When you have a Signature System in your business, you’re not locked into delivering one way. Oh no, the beauty of having a method is that you can deliver it multiple ways!

    nutritionist working from home in kitchen with fruit and green smoothie

    In my nutrition practice, I took clients through my Signature Hormonal Weight Loss Program in various ways, including:

    • 1:1 in clinic
    • 1:1 in clinic with some online components too
    • 1:1 telehealth sessions
    • As a group program with coaching calls on zoom
    • And lastly as a Hybrid with some 1:1 sessions and some group accountability (and that was the most lucrative way that also got the BEST results!)

    I could have even create a self-study version that would have been passive income.

    You see, your Signature System is not just a program. It’s your entire way of working with your ideal client. It’s your custom method that you use to get them results, or the process that they follow to achieve the transformation that they want.

    Let me break it down for you with some examples of how you could run a signature system… and we will use the example of my old Hormonal Weight Loss Program ‘Nourish Yourself Slim’ (or NYS for short!) as an example. I have also included some prices as a guide, so you can see how your pricing strategy could work…

    NYS PROGRAM – a 12 week online program for women 40 plus experiencing hormone changes and stubborn weight gain

    Option 1: Self Study Program $497

    • Access to my 8 module online curriculum only
    • A generic meal plan & recipes (same for everyone)

    Option 2: Group Program $997

    • Access to 8 module online curriculum
    • Fortnightly group coaching calls on zoom
    • Private Facebook group
    • 1:1 Initial Consult with you
    • Personalised Nutrition & Supplement Plan

    Option 3: 1:1 Program (either in clinic or telehealth) $1697

    • Access to 8 module online curriculum
    • 1:1 Initial Consult (including any testing you might want to do)
    • Personalised Nutrition & Supplement Plan
    • 5 x 1:1 follow up sessions, held every 2 weeks

    Optional: If you are also running your Sig System as a group you could position your 1:1 as a VIP upgrade, where they get access to everything in Option 2, plus the 1:1 sessions! And then for that you could charge an extra $500, for example!

    In each of these examples, it is the SAME signature system that you are taking your client through. The same way of working. What changes each time is the delivery and the elements that are included!

    Hayley Stathis Business & Marketing Coach for Nutritionists and Health Coaches sitting on a kitchen counterWorking like this makes you feel so streamlined, so in flow and it’s also very smart business! You can easily scale by offering your program 1:many or by hiring other practitioners to deliver it to more people. Or creating a version of it that’s pre-recorded and it becomes passive income.

    Gosh, you could even write a book!

    Do you have a signature system in your business? If so, I’d love to hear about it. Comment below and tell me what it is and how it’s going for your business. And if you don’t yet have a Signature System… OMG, why not?! It will seriously CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

    I would love to help you figure yours out, so make sure you check out the Package & Prosper Mastermind where we do exactly that!