Need the Workbook?

Session 1: What is a Niche & Why You Need One!

In this workshop I will teach you what a niche is, what it’s not and why you MUST have a niche for your health & wellness business. We go through the common fears around niching and look at what happens when you have a clear and lucrative niche. 


Session 2: Discover Your Niche                        

In this session we go through my proven process to uncover and define your ideal niche. Lots of examples to help you see how to gain clarity around who your ideal clients are and what your niche is. Complete the workshop pages to come up with your own Defined Niche!

Session 3: Testing Your Niche

In this workshop I step you through each of the key 10 steps you must run your chosen niche through if you want to create a happy, successful practice! We make sure that your niche is lucrative – so that you find your audience are ready and willing to buy your programs. 

Session 4: Attracting Your Niche (part 1)

This session will show you how to craft a compelling ‘Elevator Pitch’ and ‘Marketing Message’ to attract your niche like bees to (organic) honey! You will learn how to easily explain who you help and have people curious to learn more about your programs and services.

Session 5: Attracting Your Niche (part 2)

In this final workshop we look at all the places you can connect with your niche both online and offline. I explain one super simple but highly effective way to optimise your facebook to make you easier to find… and we spend some more time workshopping niche ideas!

Ready to Create an Epic Signature Program to serve your Niche to the Highest Level (and hit $5, $10 and $15k months online?) 

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