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There is so much more to weight loss than “eat less, exercise more”

The diet industry truly has failed us, with crazy calorie restriction, unrealistic meal plans and weight loss shakes – that all lead to the yo-yo effect where you soon pile back on the weight plus more!

If feel like you’ve tried everything to lose weight and nothing lasts, then another quick fix ‘diet’ is the last thing you need.

The thing is, your various hormones, stress levels, nutrient deficiencies, inflammationdigestive health & toxicity levels all impact your metabolism and can throw it off balance. This blocks your body from releasing weight.

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Metabolic Balance Weight Loss

In my Weight Release & Wellness Program, we address these ‘weight loss blockers’ via a Personalised Nutrition Plan from Metabolic Balance® to switch your metabolism to burn your fat stores.

While. You. Sleep!

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A Natural Weight Management Tool, offering Fast & Sustainable Results

Without a doubt Boy George, Kate Winslet and various other celebrities have helped propel this weight loss program into the limelight.  However, the program was well established long before their amazing weight loss stories hit the press and is certainly not a celebrity only diet.

The Metabolic Balance® programme was created by a German Medical Doctor, with a PhD in obesity related disease and a lifelong career helping his patients lose weight. Metabolic Balance® was created in 2001 and is based on over 20 years of research and analysis.

The unique features of this program are:


The program starts with a comprehensive blood test checking 36 different parameters (including thyroid function, inflammatory markers, liver function, blood sugar, iron studies, enzymes, cholesterol and blood lipids, uric acid and more)  The results of this blood test, your current weight, waist circumference and goal weight determines your unique plan.  You will receive a personalised food list and dietary plan which is based only on the foods that are optimal to your metabolism.  I can honestly say that every plan that I have seen is different.


Metabolic Balance® helps create healthy habits through sensible eating patterns and is focused on clean nutrient rich wholefoods  (no diet foods or shakes).  The program works at a fundamental level to help rebalance your biochemistry.

Happy Side Effects

Increases fat burning: switches on fat burning, we track this through your bio impedance measurements.  You literally burn fat while you sleep.

Reduces hunger and cravings: rebalances the hormones that control how hungry or how full you feel.

Reduces inflammation: many people find that inflammatory conditions such as joint pain and skin problems subside.

Improves blood cholesterol : significant improvements in triglyceride and cholesterol levels have been recorded for people following this program

Improves glucose levels: research has showed reduced risk of metabolic syndrome (pre-diabetic state)

The approach is based on sound science and is an award winning program, well-known in Europe, the UK and US and slowly making its way to Australia.

4 Phases

Metabolic Balance® consists of 4 phases:

Phase 1: Cleanse: the program starts with a 2 day cleanse to kick start the process.

Phase 2: Get in the zone: lasts for a minimum of 14 days and is the strictest part of the program. Some people can get detox and withdrawal symptoms (headaches, cravings, etc).  Other people can feel hungry while they go through this adjustment phase.  It is best to avoid exercise during this phase (yes I did just say that!)  At the end of Phase 2 energy is increased and the weight loss results are usually very motivating.

Phase 3: Relax: at this point you will receive a more extended food list allowing you to broaden your meal choices.  This is the time when a weekly ‘treat’ meal is added in.  Adding exercise at this point is extremely beneficial. This is when most people really start to see a difference in how they look and feel.  Hunger and cravings diminish and you will notice how a small amount of food will leave you feeling satisfied.  Energy levels rise, skin is glowing and all round wellbeing improves.

Phase 4: Maintenance: most people start this phase at week 12, though it does depend on how much weight you have to lose.  During this phase I work with you to make the program become a long term way of life.  I show you how you can gradually expand your food list and explain which foods you should keep in moderation.  You will end up in a place where you will instinctively know how to stay in balance. Welcome to your ‘new normal’.

Weight Release & Wellness inclusions:

  • 7 Consultations in clinic (can be organised via Skype)
  • Comprehensive blood test referral around which the program is built
  • Totally Personalised Nutrition Plan from Metabolic Balance®
  • 7 Body Composition & Cell Health Scans to track progress and fat release (using the Quadscan BIA device)
  • Meal planning, recipe ideas and practical tips
  • Before and after pictures

Coaching around cravings, emotional eating, binge eating & healthy habit change is also included in the program as needed.


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