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Do you realise just how close YOU are to More Energy, Less Stress and a Balanced, Healthy Body?

Hayley Stathis, Health Coach

My name is Hayley and I love helping women feel better.

Since I started in practice 8 years ago, every single female client has wanted to “lose weight, have more energy and stress less”.

So those things naturally became the focus of my work.

Over time, I began to see that there is so much more to Weight Loss than “calories in, calories out”, if it were that easy no one would have a problem with weight!

Using a Functional Medicine approach, I am able to uncover the hidden drivers to your symptoms. When it comes to Weight Loss, I call these ‘weight loss blockers’ – things like Hormonal issues, Digestive problems, Toxicity and Stress that will make the body store more fat and hold onto it.

We then work on healing those areas, so that weight loss can happen.

There’s another side to weight loss too… and it’s the reason I went back to school to study motivational coachingbehaviour changeeating psychology and the subconscious mind.

We are emotional creatures and it’s our emotions that drive our behaviours… and this is especially true when it comes to food and weight loss.

Now, I love teaching women how to lose weight without the struggle so they begin to love their body, even while they were still on their weight loss journey.

So, what is it that I actually do?

Working with you in clinic or via skype, I use various testing techniques, diet review and a full case history to determine your current health status and any challenges you are facing.

While I do use natural medicines to help with symptom relief, we are also always looking to resolve the underlying drivers – the reasons you developed the symptoms. It’s about bringing the body back into balance.

We then work together on a plan to help you feel better.

I help you discover your own way of eating, moving and thinking that suits your specific needs – it’s about working out who YOU are, what YOU want and what YOU personally can change.

It’s health progress, not necessarily perfection!

My food philosophy is simple:

There’s no nutrition extremism here… no strict paleo, no raw foodie, no vegan, fruitarian or other. I take the best advice from every food movement and culture and apply it in a modern context. It’s real food that is real simple to incorporate into YOUR life.

I take a research-based approach and use techniques and treatments that are proven, tried and tested and that my clients feel comfortable adopting into their lives.

My clients say that my wholistic approach to weight loss and health, looking at the mind and the body, makes it so simple for them to make little changes that make a massive difference.

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So, what in the bejesus is a ‘Health Coach’? 

As well as being a Naturopath & Nutritionist, I am also a Certified Health Coach.

What that means is that I’m a professionally trained ‘Master of Habit Change’.

Having a health coach in your corner is the difference between knowing what to do and actually doing it. 

Health coaches don’t enforce rules, they offer guidance and goal setting. They don’t punish and shame, they support, stretch and hold you accountable so that success around your health is inevitable.

More about me…
Health Tip I Live By:
I love Michael Pollan’s line when it comes to how I approach healthy eating:
“Eat Food. Not too Much. Mostly Plants”
I also believe that we should eat food that is as close to nature as possible, and based on what traditional cultures ate before mass agriculture and big supermarkets took over.
One thing I’m always saying to clients:
I tell people to slow down when they are eating, and chew their food! Too often we wolf down our food without even thinking and this is the worst thing for digestion and nutrient absorption. It also leads to overeating and weight gain.
What I love doing in my free time:
I’m a mother to two gorgeous boys and we are blessed to live by the beach in the best city in Australia! My husband and I love taking the boys to swim at the Ocean Baths, to play in the rockpools, watch the big boats on the harbour and dine out at one of the many amazing restaurants near our house.

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Hayley xx

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