Who Wants More Vitality?

If you can’t seem to shift the weight, or you’re exhausted when you wake up and you’re battling cravings by 3pm, or you feel so overwhelmed you don’t know whether to sleep, cry or book a ticket to Bali… then you should probably speak to me!

Most women are moving through life so frazzled that their health & wellbeing is in the toilet. As mothers, we put everyone else first. As working women and business owners, we have responsibilities and stress. As women, we are exhausted!

This manifests in our bodies as:

Digestive Issues & IBS, Weight Gain, Fatigue, Hormonal Imbalances, Adrenal Fatigue, Emotional Eating, Infertility, Thyroid Issues, Anxiety, Skin Concerns and more…

Isn’t it time you took care of YOU!?

Let me help YOU with that…

Hayley (1)

Hi, I’m Hayley…

I am a Clinical Naturopath, Nutritionist & Health Coach in Newcastle and I show busy women how to Lose Weight, Enjoy more Energy and just Feel Better!

We do this together, by creating a plan that restores your health and brings your body back into balance.

Zero deprivation, and a whole lot more FUN!

Hayley Stathis Newcastle Naturopath
Need a Naturopath?
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If you feel you need some help with your health & wellbeing, then book into my Newcastle Naturopathy Clinic within Triggerpoint Natural Health Centre in Hamilton South today! Ph: 02 4965 4881

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Online Program
This 14 day whole food based, clean eating cleanse program is a great way to kickstart your nutrition to gain more energy, aid weight loss and learn which foods make you feel best.

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Healthy Weight Loss
Your Weight Loss Solution
This is a weight loss program for women that WORKS! It works fast, it's sustainable, it never leaves you hungry and it actually improves your health while you are burning fat! And, it's backed by science.

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